Saturday, August 27, 2011

Whittier Sightseeing

We had an afternoon off during the dryland portion of the camp and it was the perfect timing for a Dartmouth reunion and sightseeing trip with Anchorage native Eric Packer.  Eric took Sophie Caldwell, Rosie Brennan, and I to the port town of Whittier.  It was about a 45 minute drive to a  6 mile one lane tunnel through a mountain, finally arriving in Whittier.  Known for its poor weather, the saying goes, “It’s always shittier in Whittier” but we lucked out and it was definitely prettier on that side of the mountain.  The town is really little but we had fun taking pictures, eating ice cream, and lounging on the docks in the sun.  Especially during camps when the training load is high and intense, it’s great to get to get away and relax the mind and the body.
IMG0792-MThe Portage Glacier
IMG0744-LVery green glacial water
IMG0785-MEric went swimming and scared some tourists
The road ends in Whittier, so any onward travel is by boat on the William Sound
We flew down from the glacier yesterday evening and everyone is back in Anchorage, resting some very tired muscles.  The skiing was awesome and pictures and stories are on the way.

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