Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ready to ski

Yesterday I picked up all my new Fischer skis from Caldwell Sport in Putney.  Zach and the guys at Fischer have put together a great fleet for me and now I just can't wait to test them all out!  I've worked with Zach in years past but when he was living in Boulder it was tricky to find time to connect.  Now that Zach and Amy have moved back to Vermont, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work very closely with them for ski selection and service this season!

In the spring, we sat down and assessed what I currently had for skis and what needed to be added.  I had a handful of classic skis that I was very confident in but my skate ski selection was not as strong.  Then in June, Zach went to the Fischer factory in Austria and with the help of the reps there, picked skis which would fill in the gaps in my fleet.  It's going to be a long season of being on snow in northern Finland in October to the last races at home in Craftsbury in April and I'm going to see lots in of very different race venues.  To be prepared for all these varying snow conditions, one needs a lot of skis!

Travelling with this many skis is only beneficial if you know when to use each of these.  In the past as my ski fleet has grown, I've found myself overwhelmed and end up repeatedly using a single pair of skis race after race while the rest sit untouched in my ski bag.  This year though, Zach developed an idiot proof system, designed to help me become very familiar with each pair of skis and then pick the best possible ones for each race.  

This is the fleet report of my skis and is separated into classic and skate skis and then color coded according to grind and snow or wax conditions.  All of my skis are also labeling with the corresponding tags.  I still have a lot of work to do testing the skis, trying them against each other and in different conditions, and logging many kilometers on each pair, but that's the fun part! 

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