Friday, October 12, 2012

Roll Run Row

Rollerski from the bridge on North Craftsbury Road to Mill Village, run back to the center, and then row to the narrows and back.  That was course for this year's Roll Run Row triathlon between the Craftsbury GRP skiers and rowers.  A lot of smack talk happened leading up to the event and the triathlon was mentioned in nearly every mealtime conversation.  But I think all the hype was worth it.  I had a few close calls including a fall on the dock and a near swim after some no hands rowing but in the end my biggest trouble was debilitating forearm cramps during the second half of the row.  Check out this video for footage from the racing action.

Craftsbury GRP rowing coach Dan gives a dock talk before the race

Shoes in the transition area

Pepa gives a rollerski lesson before the start

The start

The pack strung out quickly

Heading out for the row

Alex several strokes into the row

Kyle Lafferty, this year's Roll Run Row World Champion

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