Monday, November 25, 2013

Beito to Ruka

A Norwegian troll that I found in the woods.
We had beautiful weather all week with sun almost every single day
Mountains above Beitostolen
It was fun to put on a bib this weekend and start a couple races.  It usually takes me a little while to feel normal racing so I was glad that we had a few warm up races to get settled in.  Our team had some great results this weekend and I think we are in a great place heading into the World Cup season.
The sunrise leaving Oslo yesterday morning
And the sunset in Lapland a few hours later.  The sun sets at 2:07pm in Ruka, Finland today so we have some dark days ahead.  
Yesterday we traveled from Norway to Finland and will be opening the World Cup season this weekend in Ruka, Finland, which is a ski area just south of the Arctic Circle.  Ruka is notorious for being cold and dark but I love racing here.  The uphills are long and steep, the downhills are fast, the condos are nice, and we usually get a couple hearty meals of reindeer over the course of the week.  It also recently snowed here so there will be lots of fresh powdery snow and great skiing conditions. 

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