Tuesday, December 3, 2013


One of the treats of coming to Norway is eating copious amounts of Brunost which is a caramelized brown cheese made from goat milk or a mix of cow and goat milk.  It's a rich and creamy cheese with a sweet caramel taste and it is available in a variety of kinds from very mild and creamy flavors to sharper stronger types which I believe have more goat milk in them.  There is even a Christmas Brunost that is currently available and is spiced with cardamon and cinnamon. Norwegians eat it with breakfast, lunch and dinner and I think it's best with jam on a waffle or piece of bread.

A big block of brown cheese
And while the brown cheese is a nice treat when we are in Scando land, my favorite cheese is still Extra Sharp Cabot Cheddar.  Produced by local VT farmers, its a staple of my diet at home and I wish I could find it when I'm abroad.  Cabot cheddar can be eaten with just about anything and I love it on the Green Mountain Special pizza at Parker Pie, on a slice of apple pie, or with crackers and roasted garlic as the staple appetizer at our house.  Cabot Creamery has supported my skiing pursuits and I feel really lucky to represent this community of local farmers and to know exactly where my cheese comes from.

Thanks Cabot!

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