Monday, July 27, 2015

More New Zealand photos

I'm back in Vermont now adjusting to the 16 hour time change, remembering what it feels like to sweat in humid weather, eating delicious veggies and berries from the garden, and swimming several times a day.  But before I get fully settled into summer, here are a few more photos from winter training camp in the Southern hemisphere.

Sophie, Matt, and Jessie on the edge of the Hanging Valley trail
On an off day we drove to Queenstown but a snowy morning made for a long drive and with many a few stops to chain up along the way.
The view from the beach in Queenstown.
NZ 2015 Day 2 of skiing 013
Classic striding from afar (Bernie Gardner photo)
NZ 2015 Day 2 of skiing 021
Anouk and I working on classic technique with some no pole striding. (Bernie Gardner photo)
NZ Snow Farm day 3 003
The snowy white landscape! (Bernie Gardner photo)
NZ 7-14-15 054
An ominous cloud bank rolls in over the lodge. The exposed landscape at the Snow Farm made the sunny days incredible and the stormy days as intensely extraordinary. We were lucky and timed both of our off days with the storms, escaping skiing through the extreme whiteouts and howling winds. (Bernie Gardner photo)
NZ 7-15 TT classic 014
Sophie leads the train in a classic distance time trial with myself, Anouk, and Jessie in hot pursuit. (Bernie Gardner photo)
Clear skies and fresh corduroy for a late afternoon ski. We couldn't have been any luckier with the snow conditions an finished the camp with more powdery fresh snow. (Jessie Diggins photo)
Skiing into the sunset
Skiing into the sunset
The clouds outside the lodge on the last evening made it hard to leave!

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